Rania Khalek Dispatches from the Underclass

This was my first livestream with BreakThrough News, you can watch live every Thursday at 8pm Eastern on Youtube. We discussed AOC’s left-bashing and Eugene’s reporting trip to Haiti. Check it out.

I’m thrilled to announce I’m joining the team at Breakthrough News! I’ll be working alongside a brilliant team to bring you news, analysis, commentary, investigations and on the ground dispatches. I can’t wait to get back to my journalistic roots, we have so much amazing content coming your way!

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I joined The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil on her show Red Lines for a conversation about the impeachment soap opera that Democrats subjected us to last week despite knowing they wouldn’t have the votes. Meanwhile, no help has arrived for Americans struggling through a pandemic depression.

I did a Soapbox Instagram Live with The Grayzone’s Ben Norton about recent developments in Ecuador. People really liked it and asked me to put it on Youtube, so here it is!