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My name is Rania Khalek and I’m  an independent journalist covering the plight of the underclass and marginalized. My work has appeared at The Nation, Al Jazeera America, Truthout, Salon, AlterNet, Extra, Citizen Radio and more.

I live in northern Virginia, just outside the rotting establishment cesspool that is Washington, DC. I think the establishment media, with a few very minor exceptions, totally sucks. This website is my way of combatting that.

If you want to get in touch, email me at

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  1. Julie james #

    Just landed on here b/c I just saw this story on tv but they did no have the balls to tell us what actually was said. Who donates besides your family?

    March 2, 2013
    • Hi Julie,

      How much money will you be inheriting from your parents when they die? How much money have your grandparents already given you? Have you had a close relative or family friend hook you up with a job?

      In other words, who donates to the “Julie James” (if that’s your real name) fund? Your white skin privilege has gotten you far even without direct monetary contributions.

      October 22, 2013
      • Hello Dustin

        I don’t care about the years of oppression your race has or how you’re looked down on OR how your mentality is deeply influenced by the colour of your skin, will you or will you not admit that assuming a girl called Julie James is a white skinned privileged girl who is given money by her grandparents, parents and of course how you pretentiously assume “direct money distribution” is racist?

        You’ll notice i assumed you’re of color, that itself is racist but nonetheless a simple statement to help you cope with your troubled mind: Being reverse racist is a direct derivative of the racism you’ve been experiencing so don’t be too hard on yourself

        excuse my poor English

        “Be the change you want to see in the world”
        –Mahatma Ghandi

        November 20, 2013
        • What contradictory nonsense.

          November 22, 2013
      • Hello Dustin

        I don’t care about the years of oppression your race has or how you’re looked down on OR how your mentality is deeply influenced by the colour of your skin, will you or will you not admit that assuming a girl called Julie James is a white skinned privileged girl who is given money by her grandparents, parents and of course how you pretentiously assume “direct money distribution” is racist?

        You’ll notice i assumed you’re of color, that itself is racist but nonetheless a simple statement to help you cope with your troubled mind: Being reverse racist is a direct derivative of the racism you’ve been experiencing so don’t be too hard on yourself

        excuse my poor English

        “Be the change you want to see in the world”
        –Mahatma Ghandi

        November 20, 2013
  2. I love your site!

    March 5, 2013
    • thanks! I love your site too :)

      March 6, 2013
      • Sebastian A #

        You are smart and beautiful! Keep up the great work. :-)

        February 1, 2015
  3. Hi Rania , hope ur doing good. i went through ur website and da vision u mentioned here and ur passion 2 combat the bias media is really something i must appreciate. I am Aamir khan working for more then 5 international News Channel including CNN in Pakistan. got several awards against my exclusive stories one of them was the attack of Pakistani Taliban on teen age activitst Malala Yousafzai . i am also running an NGO with the title of “Being A Human” working for Deprived class of Journalists working in war zones of Pakistan. I wish if we could both work together to get the maximum truth that remained hidden due to bias Journalism. I assure u my every support and wish you be part of my Organization. although its volunteer but will give u da satisfaction u neva felt before while working with dedication and sincerity for the poor pple living in Remote areas of the world who really wish 2 have their true face b4 the world. wish u best of luck. tc. Aamir

    April 16, 2013
    • Me #

      And yet you still use ghetto English. NICE. ” I assure u my every support and wish you be part of my Organization. although its volunteer but will give u da satisfaction u neva felt before while working with dedication and sincerity for the poor pple living in Remote areas of the world who really wish 2 have their true face b4 the world. wish u best of luck. tc. Aamir”

      How do you expect ANYBODY to take you seriously as a journalist when you can’t spell out whole words?

      July 21, 2014
      • Feminismways #

        lmao btfo!

        October 1, 2014
  4. My niece just sent me your site today. I was so upset that no one had written about the death of those beautiful 11 afghan children as reason for the Boston bombing. And then today I see your article. I will thank the reporter as well. But thanking for sharing the truth. Keep going.

    April 18, 2013
  5. Thanks a lot for such lovely information. Corporate media sucks…,and it is good to know that there r people like you who don’t believe every word that comes out of White House. Keep up the good work and keep venting your anger through your blog. Cheers to you…

    April 18, 2013
  6. Bob #

    You are an absolute reprehensible spokesmodel for total hypocricy. This country has given every fair pass imaginable to Islamic and Muslim faiths. Its practically a crime if anyone speaks the truth about Islamic extremism. The fact that bourgeouis Muslims with every protection of law and public opinion, including the press – don’t ever say anything positive about the country they have chosen to call their home is something I hope you contemplate.

    UNDERCLASS – MY ASS! You are a rich kid and you representing yourself any other way is simply preposterous.

    April 22, 2013
  7. F.H #

    Hey Bob, just wondering, how is it that a white western european christian like you can even open their mouths knowing the atrocities your people have committed across the entire planet for centuries in the name of your made up, white, blond haired, blue eyed God that you call jesus. No, there’s one religion that goes completely uncriticized and that’s yours buddy. christianity is given a very, very positive image in the media and spoken of in a very biased sense. Whenever a white christian like yourself commits a genocide or an act of terror, christianity is never mentioned as being the motive. In fact to even mention christianity is considered a crime amongst your people. As for elitists, there is nobody on planet earth richer, more racist, more supremacist than white western european christians like yourself, your the bourgeoisie, and by the way, bourgeoisie, those were european christians like you. Now I agree, she shouldn’t be representing blacks or hispanics because for one thing, those two particular groups wouldn’t do the same for her. Especially blacks, who often get offended when someone tries to connect their suffering to anyone else’s. But she’s damn right when she talks about the triple standard applied to all non-white non-christians. And the funny thing is, the past few events that have happened these months, are proof that your people are the most privileged and least demonized. Hell yeah, when a white christian shoots up a movie theater but his religion isn’t mentioned as the motive, are you kidding me? But anything done by a Muslim or an Arab is automatically labeled an act of terror by your media. They’re already calling the Boston bombing an act of terror, but James Holmes and the other white christian guy that shot up a school full of children aren’t terrorists? Holmes had explosives in his house, but he’s not a terrorist and christianity had nothing to do with it right? Please. Or all the other hundreds of millions that were raped, murdered, tortured, and enslaved by your people but christianity is never mentioned as a motive. This will only last as long as people allow it to. And trust me, millions have left the made up cult of christianity and have either joined other religions or become atheists. You may be enjoying being at the top for now, but the world is changing and this triple is going to go one way or the other. Nobody commits more crimes against white people like you more than white people like you. Your own people rape, commit acts of pedophilia against, murder, steal from, and torture each other more than any other race could possibly do to yours. White people kill each other way more than anyone could kill white people, it’s a fact. Watch America’s Most Wanted, To Catch a Predator, Investigation Discovery, all white christians and all of their victims are white christians. Muslims aren’t given the protection of public opinion, Muslim opinion isn’t heard by anybody and is most often censored. White people like you don’t consider them true Americans no matter what they do, so why should anyone one of them say something good about the land you consider to be yours. It’s a wonderful land, but it doesn’t belong to you. Your ancestors stole it and used slave labor to build your economies for centuries to come. Your people are the definition of hypocrites who speak of freedom while they go across the planet bombing countries into the ground, slaughtering millions of people stealing their land and resources raping their women, owning slaves. I love it when white guys like you talk about freedom and the founding fathers, they were talking about freedom for white christians like you. It was death and slavery for everyone else.

    April 23, 2013
    • Feminismways #

      I bet you are a white person as well. Guilt trip much?

      October 1, 2014
  8. F.H #

    So yeah you just contemplate that one buddy. And keep in mind, most people know these basic facts, but unfortunately, unfortunately your ancestors made sure to force their made up white western european religion of christianity upon them through forced conversions backed by death, rape, torture, or both. That’s the only reason why Native Americans, (so called) Hispanics, Africans, Australian Aboriginals, Maori, Native Hawaiians, certain Asians, and many others never connect the horrendous acts of your people to the reprehensible white supremacist cult of christianity, of which they are members of. That’s the only reason why people don’t mention the evils of christianity, it’s because their ancestors have long since been forced to convert to it. But I like the way that white christian like you loses his mind when he sees any Muslim Arab standing up for what is rightfully theirs. You can’t stand to see her have a blog in which she exposes people like for the real fraud hypocrites that you are. I’ll bet you’re burning up inside knowing that one of those “towel heads” is finally speaking up. Well you just wait buddy, she’s just the beginning. And I seriously hope that she continues to expose the numerous hate crimes that occur against Muslims and Middle Eastern people in America because the fact of the matter is, they are the only ones afraid to speak against white christian supremacists.

    April 23, 2013
    • Dexter LaMotte #

      I don’t like all the hate the problem is not white Christians it is the Church in Rome , they were the ones that past the law that you had to convert or die , the Romans got the religion from Africa to begin with they made it there own religion they were sole less they adopted the religion and made it there own , and slaves were an African creation and still goes on there , what is a harem ???, I am not defending no one but get the fax rite look at the history of Africa , and stop calling your self middle Easton you are Africans , but you don’t like to say that , I am not saying nothing but there is allot of self hate , I have a lot of Arab friends and African friends and I love to know about my people and the past .
      Whites came from us , and yes there are doing all the things you have said in your blog and we have to stop them I agree with you one hundred present . we must stop fighting each other and stop them Osama was a grate man and his fight is not over he did the wrong thing by killing people that nothing to do with the crimes committed on our people the people of the Earth , we must value life not take it we must cut the dead skin from the world end not touch the good skin , just food for the mind . I just hate to hear the hate and anger and pain he is just as much in harms way as the rest of us just because he is white dose not mean he is safe from his country leaders they write the lows that crush the world under there thumb , that black man that is leading that country is just as corrupt as the hundred that sat in that seat of power

      November 8, 2013
  9. evdebs #

    Check this site, Rania:

    Cibola County is not the only for-profit prison scam.

    April 23, 2013
  10. Molly #

    Independent journalist, my ass. You appear to be a wealthy Saudi girl that likes to criticize the U.S., when this country gives you the freedom and liberty to speak your mind. Funny how all you upper-crust folks like to make yourselves feel better by pretending to speak for the underclass. If you live in such a cesspool, why don’t you go home to the desert lands from which your ancestors came? Surely, it must be better than the U.S.?

    April 28, 2013
  11. sespain #

    I’ve been following your work and wanted to contact you about a situation I recently experienced. I recently had a professor of mine refer to me as a “piece of shit” in a rant on her Facebook page. I grabbed a screen shot and posted it to my blog. One hour after I posted a blog, she deleted it from her Facebook and subsequently blocked me. It is my belief that my blog is the reason she thinks I’m such a piece of shit in the first place. I think you might be interested in checking it out and I would really appreciate your feedback!

    Here is the link:

    Thank you,

    May 2, 2013
    • Feminismways #

      You really are a piece of shit though. Sorry about your loss but she is not your personal army you piece of shit!

      October 1, 2014
  12. Hi Rania,

    Pleased to meet you. My name is Kevin Gillespie, although I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev. :). I live in Wales. :).

    I am now ‘Following your Blog. :).

    Best Wishes. :)

    May 2, 2013
    • Feminismways #

      Hey mate, do you like my penis in your anus?

      October 1, 2014
  13. Linda Pride #

    Hi Rania:
    Your article on the attorney planning to prosecute Kiera Wilmot for a simple science experiment was fabulous! Happening at the same time a Pennsylvania judge has been sentenced to 28 yrs in prison, with 4,000 of his money-making maximum convictions overturned it may all work out so much better that feared by Miss Wilmot and so much
    worse than hoped by Tammy Glotyfelt.
    Scientific American is blogging about her!
    The world is watching Florida, everyone I have shared the article with so far think it’s a covert
    war against American children and human trafficking
    Keep up the good work! A story, what a story!
    Thank you very much
    Now that’s what I call journalism!

    Best Wishes and Serendipititous Happenings,
    Linda :)

    May 7, 2013
  14. Rania – good job. This David Silva story should be allowed to go away. Today, 5/26/13 I went to the BFL Californian and their article was redacted/don’t know if that is permanent or temporary. Check it out. Cheers, Charlotte Wilson

    May 26, 2013
    • I see my comment was printed but it was supposed to say, “…should not be allowed to go away.”

      May 26, 2013
  15. MJ #

    Found this on twitter from a Gleen Greenwald link.

    May 27, 2013
  16. If I were you I would really try to monetize this blog somehow.. Its really nice..

    May 30, 2013
  17. We are interested in hearing real news from you, especially since we are receiving very little from major news outlets. This relates to your words of wisdom June 6. Give us something to really chew on. Thank you.

    June 6, 2013
  18. Noureddine Douay #

    Real individuals are the ones who make news and who are worthy of being heard. Unfortunately, the mainstream media fail to reflect the grass roots’ stories but rather sets the one-who give-much agenda.

    June 29, 2013
  19. Saleem #

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. The articles on this site are poorly researched, heavily biased and imbalanced. The author more often than not is guilty of the same things leveled against the western mainstream corporate media. The irony is not nearly as deliberate as the defence of and sympathy towards controversial subjects such as Al-Qaeda, drug dealers or pretty much anyone in opposition to the government machine.

    It comes as little surprise to learn that the author is from the US and has no experience or relevant perspective underpinning any of the bleeding heart articles. The more left leaning a person purports to be, the more prejudiced and blinkered they become as highlighted in any and every article on this site. Such sites serve as a magnet to the bigoted left, as evidenced by the totally unnecessary ad hominem attack on Bob and inexplicable assault on christianity

    August 10, 2013
    • Feminismways #

      Say / write God.

      October 1, 2014
  20. Hi, just to let you know that I have nominated you for 3 awards… No worries if you want them or not…. just showing my appreciation!

    August 14, 2013
  21. Non #

    It’s the same LAPD Division that killed Steven Washington in 2010.,0,5026468.story

    This is thematically related to Tammy Kim’s suit against Bill Nichols.

    September 3, 2013
  22. Keep up your wonderful work.

    October 25, 2013
  23. Matthias #

    I’m just sitting here laughing at all the hypocritical bigotry going on in these comments. You articles are wonderful, but I can’t seem to say the same about your fanbase.

    Learn that skin color is nothing more than the product of a specific amount of melanin. Learn that there is only one race. The Minors of today are what bring me hope, because I simply CANNOT WAIT until my generation pushes out all the bigotry and hatred. I am a white gay man, who was bullied for years because of my skin color where I grew up. I am now dating a black man. The vicious cycle of retaliation is nothing more than a conjured up plot by the 1% to herd around you sheeple. Open your DAMNED eyes, push your religions and foolish cultural pride aside, and put our race – the HUMAN race – first.

    Anyways, as I said before, keep up spreading the truth! I myself aspire to become a journalist one day. :)

    December 7, 2013
  24. dexter lamotte #

    thank god someone who knows the trough about what is going on in this world 99% of the human race has a heard like mentality and exhibit sheep like behavior that is what will bring down the united states and the world yes we are one race since the don of man but from the old saying divide and conquer is the way to rule the ignorant that is how the one present of the world have rule the world for hundred of years , I personally have put insightful shit down with a lot of trough in it but I am afraid that no one wont to here it so I sit back and hope for change that wont come , for generation people tell there kids that you are better than him or her witch in turn gives there kids a fouls sense of entitlement witch wont kill but they believe they deserve things that don’t , people don’t under stand relationships other than power no one can enter a relationship with out someone being in charge witch lies beneath every act of war hate crime and bigotry this is the fog that clouded the mind of man I am afraid that human will not clear the fog with out some Devine help and I don’t mean god that was made up to control man and is the Couse of a lot of what you see today, the church I mean the Vatican and there quest for more power decided that black, white ,chines ,Japanese and Indian were not one in the same but different races . I am not bashing the Church just telling the trough it hurts some times but it is what it is , like I said I like to see someone with a brain it is hard to find .

    December 8, 2013
  25. none #

    When did journalism become about taking news and repackaging it under your own name. Seems to me your exploiting people’s oppression for your career, how about some original work, it takes getting of your computer, off twitter etc…..

    December 30, 2013
  26. Simon #

    Dear Rania

    I saw you on RT today discussing Ariel Sharon’s death
    I found you to be a breathe of fresh air and will be hoping to see more of you on RT soon
    Maybe one day even having your own show

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work

    January 14, 2014
  27. I’ve been following your work for awhile now. I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

    February 8, 2014
  28. raniakhalek shit #

    you suck

    February 15, 2014
  29. I just came across your site and started wishing there were more people like you. But as a first-time visitor of your blog, I’m having a hard time coming to grips with the level of vitriol in the comments section of this post. I have a number of important underclass issues that I would love to bring to light and share with you. Please follow this link and let me know if this post about African polio victims is of interest to you. Peace and good wishes, Michele D’Acosta

    March 2, 2014
  30. I’m only writing this here to counterbalance the dreck that’s accumulated above.
    It’s highly likely that lots of your readers are slipping by unnoticed, without comment.
    I’d just work on the assumption that disturbed minds make a lot of ignorant noise, which can make it seem like there’s more of them than there really are.
    If you’re truthful, and have a command of the language, you have a responsibility to speak.
    That holds no matter how dark it gets.

    Illegitimi non carborundum, dude.

    March 4, 2014
  31. Journalists should use a spellchecker #

    You spelled “combating” wrong in the About section above.

    March 31, 2014
    • “Journalists should use a spellchecker”

      No, their brains.

      “You spelled “combating” wrong in the About section above.”

      No, she didn’t. Until you’re brilliant remark. ;-)


      September 21, 2014
  32. Great reporting, Rania.

    August 6, 2014
  33. Zionist and Proud #

    Rania Khalek is an anti-Semitic propagandist who constantly writes lies about Jews.

    November 9, 2014
  34. Hello Rania!

    I follow your posts on twitter. Love your posts and insight :-)

    The reason I’m writing is I wanted to share a venture my cofounder and I are working on. Its an iOS app called wepress and it aims to address three challenges in freelance journalism: Payments, Networking and Getting commissioned for jobs.

    We are launching in Feb 2015 so I’m going around, speaking to journalists and publishers, involving them in our progress and using their feedback to create something useful and relevant.

    You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter on /WEPRESSapp

    You can also visit our site

    We are two guys who are passionate about sharing honest stories that can change the world. We’d be grateful for any support we can get from you and your community.

    You can also reach out to me if you want more info or have any ideas you want to share about wepress. My email is

    I love open and honest feedback. It helps us improve ourselves.

    Thank you for your support. We really need it from the community! :-)


    December 3, 2014
  35. America #

    If you don’t like America how about you leave? Worthless piece of shit…

    January 21, 2015
    • Profile: You are a white, male, gun toting Christian. You are racist, homophobic, Islamophobic misogynist. You vote Republican and you probably live in a red state. How am I doing?

      January 21, 2015
  36. bms #

    Keep up the good job Rania! Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal.

    January 23, 2015
  37. Rahul #

    If you say American Sniper is a Propoganda against muslims/mohammadens then why don’t your brothers and sisters expose this american propoganda using their own film industry (if they have one ;)).

    Writing reviews like ” “American Sniper” spawns death threats against Arabs and Muslims ” will fetch you nothing except offensive “slanguage” from Americans who are as such dumb beyond imagination.

    You muslims should really look into yourself in the mirror and ask yourself as to why everyone hates you. Wherever muslims are there, there always will be communal flare up. I don’t think so you would want the world uniting against islam/muslims/mohammadens like the way they did to Nazis.

    Oh btw i am not American/European nor am i White.

    January 23, 2015
  38. roger raburck #


    January 24, 2015
  39. Goliath #

    I would rather you post your hate for the US on your blog than strap a bomb to your chest and kill a few hundred…keep it up babe…just say no to jihad…

    February 9, 2015
  40. Jewish Patriot #


    So-called “Palestinians” are illegal colonist-settlers from Arabia illegally occupying the Jewish homeland. The real indigenous people to the Land of Israel are Jews. “Palestinians” are Arab imperialist colonists that are part of the Arab Empire trying to steal and usurp the Jewish homeland.

    February 25, 2015

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