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VIDEO: Children Wade Through Swamps Of Raw Sewage In Streets of Central Gaza

This is absolutely sickening. Sewage treatment has long been a problem in the Gaza Strip thanks to the illegal blockade, enforced by Israel, Egypt and the United States. But the recent crackdown by the Egyptian military on cross-border smuggling tunnels—one of the few lifelines that’s kept the besieged strip from descending into complete catastrophe—has led to a disastrous fuel shortage, leaving residents with little to no electricity and  bringing to a halt operations at Gaza’s largest waste water treatment plant.

“This is the start of a catastrophe and unless the world listens to our cries, a real disaster may hit Gaza and its people,” Gaza municipality’s Sa’ad El-Deen Al-Tbash told Reuters. “This is a humanitarian, not a political issue. Gaza’s children did nothing to deserve being stuck in sewage.”

This is utterly insane. No child—or any human being for that matter—should have to wade through pools of literal shit to get from one place to another. I don’t care who’s running the Gaza Strip, there is NO excuse for the man-made humanitarian crisis that the people of Gaza have been forced to endure over the last six years.

The lack of electricity is disrupting people’s daily lives in ways that are unimaginable to those of us lucky enough to take such a luxury for granted.

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  1. mark haywood #

    The problem between Israel and the Palestinians could have been resolved long ago by the US simply granting full right of citizenship to any Palestinian who wanted to come here and start a new life.

    The US with its vast space and enormous wealth could easily absorb and support and feed and clothe such a relatively small population. How many hundreds of billions of US dollars have
    already been wasted on this bloody and shameful conflict so far and continue to be wasted with no end in sight?

    But very few people think this way….certainly no one in Washington thinks this way.

    If anyone imagines that the Palestinians would refuse to take up such an offer just ask yourself if you would you rather live comfortably in the US with a healthy income or stay on in Palestine and wade in shit every day?

    November 15, 2013
  2. Or granted full member status in the UN. Why should Palestinians have to relocate thousands of miles from their ancestral homeland? The U.S. could have helped resolved this by being honest brokers and cutting off military aid to the occupation.

    November 15, 2013
  3. Tragic. And worse.

    November 16, 2013
  4. mark haywood #

    As long as the Palestinians and Israelis live in close proximity to each other, there will always be hostilities, regardless of military aid. That’s why a relocation thousands of miles away is the
    only thing that will permanently defuse the conflict.
    Sooner or later all immigration barriers between nations must go if we as a race are to entertain any reasonable hope for a future at all.

    November 16, 2013
  5. Gaza and Palestine have no real champion within the international community. Of course there is much bluster and feigned outrage. Meaningless crap-o-la. Israel enjoys a barbaric impunity and rapes Palestine with the occupation.

    November 16, 2013
  6. Look at everyone around the Palestinians. Does anyone like them?

    This current sewage is a huge problem but the freaking Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt pumped raw sewage into Gaza tunnels.

    Jordan refuses to take in Palestinian refuges.

    Hamas tortures and kills Palestinian Authority supporters.

    The Palestinian Authority tortures and kills Hamas supporters.

    It’s like no one likes dealing with Palestinians and their desire to terrorize their own people and everyone around them.

    November 17, 2013
    • sometimes i have a difficult time understanding what ppl are saying, so please excuse me if i sound stupid…are you saying that bc other nations, that happen to get a ton of financial support from the us and un, don’t like the palestinians they don’t deserve humanitarian relief? i am reading your response correctly? if i am not, please clarify.

      November 19, 2013
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    November 19, 2013
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    November 21, 2013
  9. preoccupiedimagination #

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    November 24, 2013
  10. It’s about time these Palestinians start cleaning up their act. Too
    much corruption among the Palestinians.

    December 3, 2013

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